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Focus on the teacher: IATEFL 2019 roundups

IATEFL 2019 roundups: Focus on the teacherIntroduction
At conferences like IATEFL, the talks we go to see are a reflection of our personal interests, needs and preoccupations. Post-conference, you reflect on the talks and workshops you’ve chosen and identify the common threads or themes that emerge.

The first of my IATEFL summaries is obviously a reflection of my interest in teacher development, but also of the theme of teacher empowerment, which introduced the conference in Paula Rebolledo’s opening plenary. Working through my notes, I can see three possibilities for teacher-driven empowering practices:

- Research, developing a teacher’s sense of their own authority and self-efficacy.
- Peer (ideally institutional) recognition of skills and expertise.
- Collective identities and shared thought styles within communities of practice, leading to solidarity and mutual support.

The following are my summaries of a plenary, a workshop and a…

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